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Welcome to Solid Software:


Apr 06, 2013: We have just published a free app on Google Play store. Called simply 'OctaDial for Free' and is exactly the same functionally as the fully-paid version of OctaDial we published about a month ago.

The details are on a blog here:

While the game is directly downloadable from Google Play store here: OctaDial for Free on Google Play

Feb 22, 2013: We have just launched OCTADIAL on the Google Play store. This version has four sets of screen-graphics that the program chooses from optimally for the device it is currently running upon - so you get a great user experience no matter what Android device you are using. When we uploaded it to the Google Play store it reported back, that this version of OCTADIAL supports 2527 devices - that's a lot of variation of hardware out there in userland!

The full story is on the OCTADIAL home page, which you will find here: ... check it out. Or else, go to the Google Play store here: Google Play ... and do a Search on OCTADIAL.

Jan 15, 2013: Research In Motion are launching their long anticipated BlackBerry 10 OS (i.e. a new Operating System for BlackBerry smart phones) at the end of this month (30 Jan 2013). We have had our hands on the pre-release developer model - the Dev Alpha BB10 for some months now - see the image of me playing OctaDial on it below.

Fig.1: OctaDial BB10 - OctaDial BlackBerry 10 version running on the BB Dev Alpha.

As usual we took my OctaDial game to this new platform first - i.e. its our standard porting-test app, since it uses a lot of aspects of a new OS+device that put it to the test ... the image and vector graphic system; the database/file system (for storing both the current state of the game when you get otherwise interrupted (e.g. a phone call), plus the sorted list of 'Best Game Times' so far achieved; handling multiple screen resolutions and changes in orientation via the acceleration sensor; good use of touch; as a normalised measure of the various markets out there; etc.).

The screen resolution of the Dev Alpha BB10 is a whopping 1280x768 pixels - which looks great on a 4" phone - as long as the app developer updates their graphics to the higher resolutions, instead of just doing a lazy scale-up of the old graphics artefacts; or worse, just letting the OS do the scaling for them! Naturally, we didn't take that 'cheap' root but instead have updated the graphics with nice crisp high-resolution images for these high-res smartphones and tablets too (i.e. optimised for 4 sets of resolutions, not just one). Note: RIM plans to release six different models of smartphone running BB10 in 2013 alone.

Keep an eye out for it in the Blackberry App World store - its a supreme bargain at around $1 ... you can't even buy a cup of coffee for that these days, but the pleasure from playing OctaDial lasts and lasts. click here for BlackBerry App World

Mar 19, 2007, Melbourne: Solid Software publishes draft version of DigitalFriend website:

Solid Software finally publishes the first version of the website for the DigitalFriend software application. The site is located at click here to link to the site. There is also a Blog there, with a general theme of a user-oriented view of agent oriented software.

March 26, 2003, Melbourne: Solid Software CEO graduates ADI Business Ready Program:

Steve Goschnick completes an Executive Development program developed and run by Australian Distributed Incubator in conjunction with Ernst & Young.

Photo 1: The Victorian Treasurer and the Minister for Innovation, the Hon. John Brumby MP, presented Steve Goschnick with his graduation certificate.

(Note: The Digital Self Project in the background. See our 'Activity' link for further information and photos. Note: The DigitalFriend is a user-friendly Intelligent Agent system)

Intelligent Software Agents:

Software Agents are a recent breakthrough in the way people design, build and use software, largely inspired (even necessitated) by the interconnectedness of computers on the Internet. Software Agents mean different things or hold different emphasises to different people:

  • Internet people may come across them first as mobile agents - bits of software that can act as semi-autonomous servants, moving out about the web with a particular agenda.
  • To Software Engineers, they are 'Objects with attitude' (BDI agents - Beliefs, Desires and Intentions) - autonomous software entities that hold and update their own world-view of the environment they continuously operate within, as they go about achieving their goals, either reactively or deliberatively as necessary.
  • To Computer Human Interface people, they are most often seen as Interface Agents, Believable Agents, Personal Assistant agents or even psychological agents.
  • To us, they encompass all of the above and more: we see a role for them as persuasive software - software that you use in your daily life and work, that not only helps you achieve the things you want to, but also has inbuilt capability to improve your own performance, self-knowledge and attitudes, as you do so.

For an overview of the types of software agents: click here.

Our motto is: Entertain, Educate, Inform, Empower.

  • We make things you can use: mainly software, including Intelligent Software Agents.
  • We write things you could read: articles, papers, books.
  • We teach things you may wish to learn: Java, C, C++; Mandarin.
  • We have tools and techniques that help empower people in proactive and positive ways.
  • We use the latest techniques and tools in software development: Agent-oriented analysis and design; object-oriented analysis and design (OOAD); data analysis and normalisation; Java; XML;
  • We consult to others who share similar principles and objectives, with similar visions.

Brief Site Overview:

Solid Software is a "concept-to-product" company, inventing, specifying, developing, publishing and dispersing innovative techniques and tools. We are also consultants in several specialised fields. Prior to the Internet, we published several software packages and games, which you can see something of on this site.

The following is a discription of the eight coloured site-navigation buttons you'll find at the top of the main pages on this site:

  1. For Services including Consultancy: click here, or at any time via the Services navigation button (Purple).
  2. Profiles of our Consultants, others and other details: click here, or at any time via the People navigation button (Orange).
  3. What's New on this site and What's Happening recently at Solid Software: click here, or at any time via the Activity button (Red).
  4. Information as News, articles, papers, readings, news about Taiwan: click here or via the Info button (Black).
  5. Products we sell and the ones we give away for free: click here, or via the Products button (Blue).
  6. Techniques and Tools: click here, or via the Tools button (Yellow).
  7. Guidance around the site (Site Map and Search), plus education and training: click here, or via the Guidance button (White).
  8. Home: this page you're now reading can be accessed from elsewhere on this site via the Home button (Green).

Objectives and Policy of Solid Software: click here.

White Papers: click here

History of Solid Software: click here.


(initial contact by email is best):

Solid Software Pty Ltd

ABN: 60 084 786 498
Postal Address: P.O. Box 218, Belgrave, Victoria 3160, Australia
Phone: +61 040 7544 260
Email: gosh 'at' solidsoftware 'dot' com 'dot' au


This page last updated: April, 2013.

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