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Company Profile: Solid Software Pty Ltd

Incorporated: 1998

Established: 1986

Company Objectives as stated in 1986 which remain relevant, even more so, today :

We aim to provide software that will help realize the full potential of the Personal Computer to be a powerful, useful and friendly servant around the home, school and office. We are concentrating on programs that either:

  • Do things that were not possible to do in any manual sense before the advent of computers.
  • Substantially enhance functions that could only previously be done manually in some way.

All of our software currently being marketed, designed, written or still on the drawing board, can be described as having at least one of the following purposes. To Help People be:

  • organised in the use of their time
  • economical in the use of their money and resources
  • purposeful and effective in their decisions
  • creative in their work and leisure

The theme common to all our products then, is to help individuals gain and maintain more control on their own lives - to enhance the power of the individual.

The qualities we aim to make common to all our products are such that they be:

  • innovative
  • reliable
  • user-friendly
  • well documented
  • inexpensive

Advertising History

Magazine Advertisements placed by SOLID SOFTWARE

(1986-to-present time):

Publications Code:

APC Australian Personal Computer
YCR Your Computer (national monthly magazine)
APCU Australian PC User (national monthly magazine)
PCWE PC WEEK (national weekly newspaper)
PCWO PC World (national monthly paper/magazine)
COMW Computer World (national weekly paper)
PROC Professional Computing (national monthly magazine)
AUSC Australian Computing (now defunct)
PCUP PC Update - Melb. PC Users Group (Vic. newsletter)
SIXB Sixteen Bits - ACT PC User Group (ACT newsletter)
AGE Age Green Guide (Vic. daily paper)
ACR Australian Commodore Review
FMPC Family PC

Chronological listing of advertisements placed:

04/96 FMPC A4 4-colour p.122
04/96 PCWO A4 4-colour p.192/H18
11/95 APCU A4 4-colour p.69
10/95 APCU A4 4-colour p.51
08/95 APCU A4 4-clolour  
05/91 APCU A4 4-colour p.49
03/91 YCR Full page 4-colour p.17
01/91 APCU Full page 4-colour p.121
12/90 PCWO A4 4-colour p.76
11/90 YCR Full page 4-colour p.17
11/90 APCU Full page 4-colour p.5
10/90 APCU Full page 4-colour p.5
09/90 APCU Full page 4-colour p.5
21/09/90 COMW A4 4-colour p.39
08/90 YCR Full page 4-colour p.68
19/07/90 PCWE A4 4-colour p.35
04/90 APCU 1/4 page mono p.96
03/90 APCU 1/4 page mono p.172
02/90 APC 1/6 page spot p.219
01/90 APCU Full page mono p.58
01/90 APC 1/6 page mono p.173
15/11/89 PCWO A4 mono p.59
11/89 APC Full page mono p.279
10/89 APC Full page mono p.329
09/89 YCR Full page mono p.52
06/89 APC Full page mono p.287
29/05/89 PCWO A4 mono p.99
26/05/89 COMW A4 mono p.37
15/05/89 PCWO A4 mono p.24
13/04/89 PCWE A4 mono p.30
02/03/89 PCWE A4 mono p.30
03/89 APC Full page mono p.189
03/89 SIXB Full page mono p.32
01/89 APC Full page spot p.403
12/88 PCUP Full page mono p.11
11/88 APC Full page mono p.281
11/88 YCR 1/2 page mono p.15
11/88 AUSC Full page mono  
11/88 ACR 1/4 page spot p.32
11/88 PCUP Full page mono p.11
10/88 APC 1/4 page mono p.271
10/88 YCR 1/4 page mono p.38
20/10/88 PCWE A4 mono p.61
09/88 APC 1/2 page spot p.16
01/09/88 PCWE 1/4 page mono p.29
09/88 PROC Full page mono p.17
09/88 AGE 10cmX2col    
09/88 PCUP Full page mono p.14
08/88 PCUP Full page mono p.9
25/08/88 PCWE 1/4 page mono p.72
11/08/88 PCWE 1/4 page mono p.52
08/88 APC 1/2 page spot p.14
07/88 AGE 10cmX2col mono  
06/88 APC 1/2 page spot p.10
05/88 APC 1/2 page mono p.10
04/88 APC 1/2 page mono p.14
02/88 APC 1/2 page mono p.17
02/88 YCR 1/4 page mono p.14
01/88 YCR 1/4 page mono p.AR-4
12/87 YCR 1/4 page mono p.48
11/87 YCR 1/2 page mono p.144
11/87 YCR 1/4 page mono p.10
10/87 APC 1/3 page mono p.242
08/87 APC 1/3 page mono p.214
07/87 ACR 1/4 page mono p.9
06/87 ACR 1/4 page mono p.9
05/87 ACR 1/4 page mono p.17
04/87 ACR 1/4 page mono p.37
03/87 ACR 1/4 page mono p.23
01/87 ACR 1/4 page mono p.29
12/86 ACR 1/4 page mono p.27
11/86 ACR 1/4 page mono p.1

EXHIBITIONS SOLID SOFTWARE has occupied a Stand at:

11/95 Home Computer Show, Exhibition Buildings, Melbourne
08/93 PC93 - 4 day PC Show in Melbourne, on ASPA stand
03/93 PC93 - 4 day PC Show in Sydney, on ASPA stand
08/92 PC92 - 4 day PC Show in Melbourne
08/91 PC91 - 4 day PC Show in Melbourne
06/89 PC89 - 4 day PC Show in Melbourne

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Solid Software Pty Ltd

ABN: 60 084 786 498
Postal Address: P.O. Box 218, Belgrave, Victoria 3160, Australia
Phone: 0407 544 260
Email: gosh 'at' solidsoftware 'dot' com 'dot' au

This page last updated: November 2013.

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