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Consultant Profile

Solid Software has high calibre consultants who each have considerable knowledge, experience and integrity in areas ranging from information technology, programming and training, to marketing, project management, research and multi-lingual skills.

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Steve Goschnick B.E. M.Eng.Sc.(Computing), is the Managing Director of Solid Software Pty Ltd, a company he founded in 1986. He was an Adjunct Professor in the School of Design at Swinburne University from early 2015 until January 2020. Prior to that he worked at the University of Melbourne from 1998 until 2013 where he developed and taught Information Modelling and Database Design as a foundational subject in the MIS (Master of Information Systems), the MIT (Master of Information Technology) and the MBIT (B for Business), for over 10 years. He also taught programming languages there, for example introducing the Java language into the undergraduate degrees in Computing Science & Software Engineering (1998 - the first teaching of Java at the university) and into Information Systems (2004). As a Senior Research Fellow he was the inaugural Research & Business Manager of the IDEA Lab - an innovative interaction design space - within the University of Melbourne from 2000 to 2005.

He is the author or co-author of over 100 journal and conference papers, books, magazine and newspaper articles and editorials, around various aspects of ICT, including his weekly column - Cutting Code - in Melbourne’s The Age daily newspaper throughout 1993. In 2014 he authored the ebook: Facebook From Five Thousand Feet: A Visual Mapping from Conceptual Model to Ground-level Graph API Data.

Prior to academia Steve already had 20 years professional experience in ICT, including: as a Project Manager at Melbourne IT P/L from 1997-1998; developing software applications and games for Solid Software from 1988 until 1997; he was the founding President of ASPA Inc (Australian Software Publishers Association) from 1990 to 1992; and was the Manager of Networking and Personal Computers at the ARRB (Australian Road Research Board) from 1986 to 1989; he travelled extensively in Europe and the US throughout 1985, and was a Senior Analyst Programmer at the SECV in 1984.

His PhD research is on meta-models (information, tasks, objects, agents) with a Personalised Computing context. As a career-long advocate and activist in bringing computer programming and computational thinking to the mainstream, Steve was appropriately the founding Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of People-Oriented Programming (IJPOP), an academic journal from 2011 until 2019. He also compiled and edited an academic book on the subject of People-Oriented Programming published in 2018,as follows:

Steve Goschnick (Ed.) (2018). Innovative Methods, User-Friendly Tools, Coding, and Design Approaches in People-Oriented Programming. A 12 chapter volume, 488 pages, May, 2018. IGI Publishing, USA. ISBN: 9781522559696

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Dr Christine Yunn-Yu Sun B.A. (Literature), M.A. (Journalism), PhD (Chinese literature & Identity), is a translator, a writer and researcher, with qualifications in consecutive translation between English and Mandarin. She has broad knowledge of Chinese literature and traditional culture, which positions her as one of the most able and qualified Translators from English into Chinese - in both Simplified and Traditional. Mandarin is her first language, and English is a close second. Christine instigated and manages our digital and print publishing Imprint: Her BA is from the National Taiwan University, her Masters in Journalism is from Ohio State University, while she completed her PhD in 2004 at the Department of Asian Languages and Studies at Monash University, Australia. She is an Australian citizen.

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