#3 The Arousal

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When you wake from sleep, it may be with gentle bemusement or momentary agitation…

But it might happen that you wake in fright, and the shock of this can be violent.

So much so, that you freeze with terror.

Metaphorically speaking, you are "turned to stone", just as though you had looked on the face of the mythological Medusa.

In this mysterious journey, Arousal to Inner Awareness is somewhat like waking from ordinary sleep… and you can be vulnerable to the same sort of shock.

But help is at hand in myths and legends which are distilled essences of ancient experience and wisdom.

The myth of the Medusa, for instance, is not just a Ripping Yarn about a daring young hero lopping off a monster's head.

It is allegorical advice on the attitude of mind needed to meet the unexpected.

It meant certain death to look Medusa in the face, but Perseus, wily and alert, used his burnished shield as a mirror.

By looking at the reflection rather than reality, he was able to circumvent the curse and safely strike the blow to kill her.

This same sort of lateral thinking can help you withstand shocks and overcome problems you may face on your own inward journey.

The monsters and heroes of myth and legend, the glowing mountain and the dark crevasse, are familiar creatures and landscape in the psychiatry of present-day.

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