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LottoCheck Inform V2 - a Windows program to store, explore, chart, check and analyse lotto results.

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Fig.1 This is a screen image from the 3D Frequency option. Check out the 'Features' link for details on this and other LottoCheck INFORM V2 options.  

Some Press Comments

Microsoft Communique Magazine (Australia):
'...(LottoCheck INFORM) can display info with Timelines and 3D graphs. This program has an easy-to-use interface, a Quick Pick function and includes nine years of data. It won't give you the winning combination but it will demystify the probability and statistics of winning the game, be it Tattslotto, GoldLotto, NSW Lotto or OZ Lotto.' p.41, May'95 issue.

Financial Review (daily, Australia):
'LottoCheck INFORM ... (has) the actual prize dividends paid over a nine year period, to the cent. As well as a database of previous winning numbers, this version has a profit loss analysis for any set of numbers over part or the complete history of lotto.'  Information Technology section p.37, April 3, 1995.

Herald Sun (daily, Melbourne):
'...Another feature allows you to test your own theories about picking winning numbers. Draw by draw each number is ranked according to how often the ball has been drawn. You can draw up theories that pick the most popular numbers, and then test your theories each week. To help you make up new theories, charts show you the number of wins for each number.'   Computers, Guide to the Latest in Home Technologies, p.27, Jan 23, 1996.

The AGE (daily, Melbourne):
'LottoCheck INFORM includes the previous dividends and winning numbers for Lotto bloc, NSW Lotto and Oz Lotto and provides a profit-and-loss analysis for those who want to find out exactly how much they have spent and lost (on any set of numbers and Systems).'   Computer Age section, p.31, May 23, 1995.

The Sun-Herald (daily, Sydney):
'Let's look at a couple of programs designed to help the punters, be they bent on serious fun or with a serious wad to wager. One (LottoCheck INFORM) is a program to give you all the inside running on Lotto, and the other plugs you into the world of high finance and the stock exchange.'   Business section, p.54, May 28, 1995.

PC Update (magazine of MELB PC User Group Inc):
'...This locally-produced program is well constructed, very simple to operate and provides a wide range of statistical tools to display the interesting features of the lotto data pool. Lotto records can be easily kept up to date and pet theories and systems can be promptly tested. If you enjoy this, then LotooCheck INFORM should be of interest to you.'    Conclusion, Product Review, p.48, May'95.


LottoCheck INFORM really puts your computer to work for enjoyment. It is designed to let you chart, check, store, explore and analyse lotto results, but the emphasis is on fun and empowerment while you are doing those things.

While the main attraction of lotto games is the large sums of money we stand to win if we're very lucky, they also capture great interest because of peoples basic interest in numbers themselves. When we each first learnt numbers as small children, they were probably our first introduction to symbols. Zero, is probably the first abstract concept we got a handle on. Number 1 represents the individual and the self-centredness of youth, as in me, myself, I. Number 2 represents partnership, as in a couple. Number 3 represents family, group, crowd, a sense of community. And so on they go.

Then there's the numbers representing birthdays and anniversaries, our personal places in the calendar. The calendar itself is the great tradition of rendering into numbers, the astronomical events that ever go about their clockwork-like business in the sky above. Numbers and the mysteries of being human, are heavily intertwined and culturally loaded. Numbers are probably humanities first universal invention.

Lotto drawing machines use balls to draw the winning numbers. As with numbers, balls are loaded with symbolic meaning. Ball games of any sort within our dreams, are known to symbolise the 'Game of Life' itself.

So if you consider that money, luck, numbers and balls are all an integral part of lotto games, it is little wonder that lotto holds such popular interest.

The fun only goes out of it if our expectations of winning are raised significantly beyond what they really are, and if we thereby spend excessive money on it without the return.

LottoCheck INFORM is provided as a user-friendly tool to enhance and amplify such fun and interest, by bringing the computer into the equation. It us helps align or maintain our expectations of winning, within the laws of chance and expected variation of such games. Indeed it allows us to chart that variation. Being able to see these things with our own eyes, seeing where we stand, improves enjoyment of playing lotto.




PC Update Magazine Review:

There is a full review of the product in the magazine published by the renowned Melbourne PC Users Group. The review used to be online via their Home Page (, but that site is currently under construction, and I can no longer locate the review on that site.

Herald Sun Overview:

The Herald Suns, Jason Hill, reviewed the product with a good independent overview of LottoCheck INFORM in Jan'96. Click here to read it.

Please come back and visit this page again from time to time. Apart from up-to-date data for customers that have the free DOS versions or have purchased the V2 Windows version - new information will be added and edited, on a regular basis. So please add a bookmark to your browser now, and consider recommending us to your friends.


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