#8 Longing

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'For most people today the term "Alchemist" evokes the vision of a bearded figure in a wizard's hat trying to conjure up a magic formula to transmute base metals into gold.

But the real Alchemists were not driven by greed. Their gold was not the "common" gold...'

...this is a brief extract from Level 8 of INITIATION.

#9 Definition

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'For much of our existence on Earth, we human beings marked our lives only by the nature cycles of the changing seasons and the waxing or waning of the moon.

To effectively impose our eccentricities on the planet, we had to invent our own measure: that of Time...'

... an extract from Level 9 of INITIATION.

#10 The Glimpse

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'Buddha once held up a flower as a symbol of the sum-total of all that he had just said in his sermon.

Similarly, Rose Windows may be seen as the essence of the soaring and stunning statement made by the great Gothic Cathedrals of Europe...'

...this is a brief extract from Level 10 of INITIATION.

#11 The Kindling


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'The Dragon is one of the most widespread and enduring images in the mythology and living imagination of the human race.

It has manifested itself in a myriad of fantastic, awesome, grotesque and horrible shapes down the milleniums; ; usually in some fanciful variation of the form of a huge lizard or giant serpent...'

... extract from Level 11 of INITIATION.

#12 The Dedication

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'In all cultures, particular styles of dress and adornment have been worn to make an external declaration of a person's dedication to a particular pursuit.

Here we show examples from the Australian aborigine to the Sufi Dancer, the American Indian, the Tibetan Lama and the Egyptian Princess...'

... extract from Level 12 of INITIATION.

#13 The Heroic

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'Threatened by both the known and the unknown, often imprisoned by circumstance that seemed beyond its control, the human race always looked to its heroes for inspiration and salvation.

The legendary heroes, such as Gilgamesh, Ulysses, Beowulf and Roland, transcend ordinary people in skill, strength and courage...'

... extract from Level 13 of INITIATION.

#14 Exhilaration

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'The sense of being isolated from other people is one of the major causes of stress and trauma.

The need to communicate with others of the same species is a basic hunger in the human soul...'

... extract from Level 14 of INITIATION.

#15 The Fires

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'The Egyptians associated the Phoenix with immortality and this fabulous bird is a potent icon for us still, today.

Mythology says, that only one single Phoenix at a time ever was alive in the world...'

...this is a brief extract from Level 15 of INITIATION.


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