#18 Inspiration

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'The human production of art in its highest forms could be regarded as an expression of the wonder we feel in those moments of rare illuminating when we are in tune with the rhythm of life and infinity.

All artists, writers and musicians have at times had the exhilarating and awesome experience of being seized with inspiration...' extract from Level 18 of INITIATION.

#19 The Letters

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'The lure of hidden treasure has always been strong, but down milleniums the lure of secret knowledge, esoteric wisdom which could possibly explain the mysteries of life and death, has been even stronger.

The Kabbala image, represented here, is the symbol of the mystic tradition of Judaism...'

...this is a brief extract from Level 19 of INITIATION.

#20 The Seers

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'One of the most persistent beliefs held by the human race is that the physical human body is only the reflection of a series of much more subtle forms.

In their totality, the apparent physical body and the invisible inter-penetrating forms are believed to be a key that will unlock the hidden mysteries of God and the Universe...'

...this is a brief extract from Level 20 of INITIATION.

#21 The Powers

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'Power is the key to the images shown here: the Greek Cadduceus on the left, the Tibetan Djorje on the right and, center, the dominant image of the Tarot Magician.

In the multiplicity of symbolic images with which the Tarot deck of cards is crowded, that of the Magician (in some decks known as the Juggler) is one of the most powerful...'

...this is a brief extract from Level 21 of INITIATION.

#22 The Gateway

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'The ancient Egyptians were the most religious peoples ever to have been on Earth.

Their lives were an unending ritual in preparation for death and the after-life.

They had a multitude of divinities and we know the names of these gods and are familiar with their images...'

...this is a brief extract from Level 22 of INITIATION.

#23 The Ecstatic

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'The human search for understanding moves towards the exaltation of the spirit that comes with achievement of harmony between Searcher and Universe.

This fusion can at times bring emotion so deep that it can only be expressed outwardly by Dancing so as to evoke the rhythm of the whole cosmos...'

...this is a brief extract from Level 23 of INITIATION.

#24 The Union

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'In traditional Eastern thought there was no separation between geometry and natural science, cosmology or theology.

This conformity led directly to one of the major philosophical premises: that of alternation -- expressed in the symbol of Yin-Yang...' extract from Level 24 of INITIATION.

#25 The Unity

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'Any description of the Absolute -- Complete Togetherness -- must of necessity be circumscribed by the imprecise understanding we have of the meaning of each other's words.

But we can cut through all the layers and wanderings of our comprehension and, without any ambiguity reveal the ultimate in symbols...' extract from Level 25 of INITIATION.


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